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The Orb Metallic Spheres In Colour Vinyl

Ships from the UK

Metallic Spheres’ by The Orb and David Gilmour, the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd, has been reimagined and remixed as ‘Metallic Spheres In Colour.’ Of this new work, producer Youth says ‘The idea for Metallic Spheres In Colour, was that Alex Paterson (founder of The Orb) could have done more on the first version, and he didn't really have the opportunity because we had a philosophy of making the music like the Blade Runner soundtrack meets Wish You Were Here. So, I asked him why don't we remix it and make it like an Orb classic? And in doing that, it's almost like a completely different album.’

Album artwork created by Simon Ghahary.

Track List:

Side A (Round Side):

Seamless Solar Spheres Of Affection Mix

Side B (Flat Side):

Seamlessly Martian Spheres Of Reflection Mix